What is x2cp?

x2cp is a client for xmms2. Xmms2 is written as a daemon, and has a server and a client. Actually, it has many clients, and this is one of them. This program doesn't really play the music, just tell the server what to do, and displays information from the server.

Why would I want to use it?

If you are like most people, you wouldn't.

What does it do?

x2cp uses ncurses to display the information, and can be run in the console. The colors are (mostly) configurable from within the program, a conffile is saved in ~/.xmms2/clients/x2cp.conf (I think). x2cp also accepts parameters, if you want to bind hotkeys. It accepts play, pause, stop, next, prev, backw and forw.
Example: x2cp forw - this would make it go forward in the current song.

Anything I need to know?

Well, this is my first programming project. I mean, "real" project. I've learnt much about how to structure a c++ program, and this at the expense of the code quality. This program is buggy (but not too bad), and it uses too much cpu (but this isn't that bad either anymore).
Somthing you really want to know is - when ncurses programs segfault, they fuck your console up. If this happens, just type "reset", and all should be fine.

Why don't you have a sourceforge logo?

Since I'm using sourceforges servers for this site, I'm supposed to have a sf.net logo linking to sourceforge. But when I wrote this site, I had problems with them. Even though I used the code provided from sf, the pictures didn't show often. So the small link in the corner will have to do. Thank you sourceforge for.

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